Morpheus Shorts

The plan, as of now, is to eventually supply a combination Morpheus ebook that features all four parts of volume one. In between editing and school, I’m . . . working on it.

But for now, here are the shorts I’m going to feature as bonus material. I’m posting them here so if you’ve already read the series and don’t want to buy the combo later just to read a few meager shorts, then you don’t have to.

Chapter One – In Alexander’s Perspective

I’m actually considering making this a prologue to the whole series. Maybe put it in third person, and past tense. Thoughts?

How Enna and Alexander Met

As the title suggests, Enna and Alexander’s first meeting. I’m quite fond of Enna. I wish it was feasible to spend more time with her in the books.


2 thoughts on “Morpheus Shorts

  1. You are a kind and generous benefactor.
    I miss your characters, so this is a fabulous snack to tide me over. I Love me some unabashedly pompous Alexander.
    Thank you!

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