We hit the coast . . . and the sun came out

So after leaving the beautiful national forests of Wales, we stayed in a castle–the most haunted castle in all of England.

We played dress-up while we were there.

We played dress-up while we were there. (I’m in the monk suit)943476_10200829736379919_472843767_nAfter which we made a quick stop in Bath to check out some Roman pools

And then we were headed to the southern coast of England–namely, Lulworth, Weymouth, Tintagel (where I waded in Merlin’s Cave!) and Boscastle.

For the first time in weeks, the sun came out in all its blazing glory. Unused to such conditions, we all got a little sunburned. But basically most of the week was spent hiking along the cliff-y coastline, daring ourselves to dip in the freezing cold ocean water, watching sunsets, and eating a lot of ice cream.

Uneventful, but beautiful, and here are some awesome pictures to make you even more jealous of me (although I’m not actually IN any of them, since still no camera chord).

678_10200829996746428_1888860854_n 7873_10151395154826533_917568289_n 431868_10200829995226390_30703554_n 943422_10152928105245604_1984659631_n


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