Some writing updates

You know what summer makes me think of? What my life would be like if I was a full-time writer. It means I’d spend even more time holed into my room tacking away at a laptop, heh.

All that aside, I’ve more free time to advance on projects, so here’s some writing updates.

Until Proven:

My speculative/mystery novel is going to be published by a small press sometime in 2014. This is fantastic news and I’m so pleased to have a venue for my adult novels, as most of them are sort of quirky ideas tied into romance, and my other works are primarily YA and a whole other market besides.

Once Upon a Nightmare:

After being passed through the hands of more than a few literary agents and getting various feedback that ultimately led to rejection, I decided to take some advice I heard in the LTUE conference: move past your first book. Too many new authors spend so much time tweaking and re-vamping their first baby, and then when they finally move on, that’s what gets published. This, I think, is pretty sage advice for most of us (but not all, ain’t that the beauty of writing?)

So I’m moving on, trying to get my next project published instead, but I can’t just . . . drop it. Cause friends, I love the Isle of Morpheus, and all the characters in it. I can’t let them go because they’re my first babies. Hence: I’m putting it back online–on Amazon and Smashwords, but it will also be available in its entirety for free on sites like WattPad, Figment and FictionPress. IT GOES UP AUGUST 1st.

Atlantica: The Last Child of Triton (Book One):

What started as a ghostwriting gig and morphed into a partnership has been over a year in the making, but we’re about to send this baby out on submission (maybe mid-August?). A fantasy series with a 16-year-old boy protagonist, in a re-wrought world of Atlantis and mermaid warriors is not really my style, so it’s been an adventure for sure. But that’s why it’s a partnership, eh?

A Merry War (the first in a series of Shakespeare Adaptions):

My latest project, the first niche in an even bigger, envisioned project, is a modern YA adaption of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing set in the 1920’s. My research a few weeks ago looked like this:


I’m currently 20K into the first draft. The goal is to have a good final copy by November 1st and then I want to find an agent for this one. (The next one would be The Taming of the Scoundrel, a version of The Taming of the Shrew set in high society Southern states, right after WWII, with all the genders reversed).

Whew–I think that’s it. In the meantime, I’ll be part of the staff of a children’s magazine and hoping that Jolly Fish Press will hire me full time so I can feed myself while continuing to write.

One thought on “Some writing updates

  1. Absolutely intriguing artist. Looking forward to reading more books from you. Thank you for pulling me into different worlds and adventures.

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