Until Proven! May! Stop!

I made a promise to myself not to get too giddy and freaked by this first small publishing venture . . .

. . . but here I am. FREAKING OUT of total happiness.

Pandamoon has made the official announcement! Check out their little teaser with the prison and the horse therapy pictures. (want to read my book.) Go like their announcement so it looks like other people want to read it too!


“We are thrilled to announce that we have signed McKelle George for her debut novel entitled UNTIL PROVEN, a fast-paced, suspenseful mystery about Penny Baker, a caseworker in a Montana correctional facility with an unusual sensory ability. Part gift, part curse, Penny can tell whether or not the accused are innocent or guilty – at a glance.

The problem with that ability is that there is little she can do with it. Unable to make the grades for law school where she could help those whom she knows are innocent, she settles for a prison caseworker position that leaves her frustrated and unfulfilled. There’s not much she can do for those who have already been through the justice system and deemed guilty by the courts.

That all changes when an inmate named Gatsby Childs enters Penny’s office. She has never seen someone who is so glaringly and blatantly innocent. What’s even more perplexing is that he plead guilty to a horrific crime, arson and the involuntary manslaughter of an innocent six-year old girl, a crime Penny knows he did not commit.

Why would he confess to such a heinous crime? Was he protecting someone else? Penny is determined to finally use her gift to help someone she knows is innocent, but she must do so without the knowledge of her superiors at the prison. Her investigation leads her to a horse therapy farm owned by Gatsby’s family in nearby Wyoming. Everyone there assumes Gatsby’s large and mentally-challenged brother, nicknamed Frankenstein, is responsible for the crime and that Gatsby is making the ultimate sacrifice for his family. However, Penny’s gift allows her to see what no one else considered…Frankenstein is innocent too.

Please join us in congratulating McKelle on creating a compelling story with an accurate portrayal of the criminal justice system. UNTIL PROVEN will both touch your heart with interesting characters and keep you guessing who is really guilty until the end. Stay tuned for updates as we work our way to a May 2014 launch.”

Which reminds me . . . like my Facebook page too (it’s new)! https://www.facebook.com/mckelleg

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