2014, Resolutions, and Updates

How about update more regularly on my blog? That would be a nice resolution.

But it’s not. (smile~)

I’m kidding. I mean, I really didn’t make any resolutions concerning my blog, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try and post at semi-regular intervals. In fact, none of my resolutions are writing-centered. Last year I nabbed a coveted full-time internship at a magazine, I spent two months hiking around the UK, and even then I would get distracted, squirreling away time to write or read. Nothing I can think of has, or could, stop me from writing as much as I was able. If anything, I need to make resolutions that force me to take a step back from writing and remember how to be involved with life as a normal human being. (On that note one of my resolutions this year is to try something new each month. January is keeping a “Happiness Jar” and each day my happiest moment almost always involves writing or reading or just this great big bad industry that I love so much.)

Some quick updates before we kick off this grand new year:

I am now an official editor at Jolly Fish Press, and I work contractually. I love being on the other end, hunting for the next great novel instead of writing it (though I love that too).

UNTIL PROVEN is coming out this June (crazy!) and I’m sort of uselessly flailing around, wondering what, exactly, I’m supposed to do to carry my load marketing-wise. (I am a publicity fail.)

A MERRY WAR is in revision and will hopefully find a permanent home sometime this year. I’ve grown very fond of the fun-ness of this manuscript. Every time I sit down to write it, I feel smiley and adventurous. Shakespeare in general is a world I entered in 2013, and I’m still grateful for the professor and England experience that planted my fangirl-ish love.

MORPHEUS: The second book starts updating this month! Hurray! Once the sequel is done and dusted, I have a third book on the horizon, which I’m quite excited about, because IT’S A BIG ‘OL EXPERIMENT (that could totally crash and burn). A more modern “interactive” kind of book.

In the meantime, I’m still working as a ghostwriter and doing freelance editing work (if you know someone in need, send them my way). And in the midst of all these opportunities, I have somehow managed to STILL not have my bachelor’s degree, so I’m taking classes part-time to polish off that last credit I need before graduation. Hally-fricking-looya. That’s all folks, at least for this site. Updates will happen more regularly. Stay tuned for additional news.

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